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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

KLani Designs will be back soon....

To whom it may concern:

I have been on vacation and with my time off, I decided that it's time to take things more seriously. I've been on and off designing this and that and I haven't been a very consistent person. If I'm going to keep this site going, I need to be more dedicated. I try my best, but with 3 kids I get very tired and sometimes I'm just too bored with this whole PSP thing. The thing is, I LOVE PSPing! So....summer vacation has started for my kids already and right now I'm minus one child who is staying with my sister. Her say so not mine. She took him for one night and decided she's not bringing him back until July or so, lol. I honestly think it's easier for her because he keeps her daughter busy, lol! Which really is fine with me. That's one less stress, but still I miss him. Anyways...I've decided that I'm going to start fresh. Make a whole new line of masks, templates and word art. I may even start writing my own tutorials who knows. We'll cross that line when we get to it.

So please bare with me while I start the transformation. Hopefully by the first week of July, I'll have things up and running! Until then.....


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